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TO: The TRUE Fathers


To the TRUE fathers out there who contributes to all areas of raising their child—I salute you. Children need both parents to give them love and support in these trying times. When you demonstrate what real men do for their families. . .your daughter will know the definition of a real man. . .your son will know his role as a man.

To the men who have:

  • Got up in the middle of the night to give the baby a bottle or changing
  • Who will safe guard your children with your life
  • Cooked a real meal on a regular basis for the kids
  • Clean house and bathe the kids
  • Read to your children/ take part in their education
  • plus more. . .




How Far Would You Go Just To Be Debt-Free ASAP?


I was reading the article about a college grad who wanted to rid himself of his student loan debt ASAP. His story is amazing. Read:

When I signed my promissory note all I could envision was opportunity. But this student viewed his student loan as a life long ball and chain. When most sign and bind themselves to repayment of student loans, they are confident they will land a high salary career that will enable them to repay the debt–NO PROBLEM . . .But that’s easier thought than happens.

As for me, I can’t even imagine myself living out of my car just to pay off a student loan within less years. I’m patient–I can grin and bear it. Thumbs up to the guy who lived out of his van just to do so and much success to him in the future.

Highschool grads/others:

A student loan is a grand committment. It can make/or break you. Think, think, think before you bind yourself to such a contract. If you are in doubt–don’t sign. There are other alternatives out there that can can enable you to pay your way through college without student loans or can lower the amount of loans you’ll need.

Straightening Comb vs. Flat Iron








I guess I’m an old skool natural chick. If I had to choose between the straightening comb or the flat iron it would definitely be the straightening comb. My momma and grandma could put a press on the hair so well with a straightening comb until you would have thought I had a relaxer.

I use to love the smell of the straightening comb filling the air on a Sunday morning. Back then, they would use Royal Crown hair grease on my hair. It was definitely a great straightener, but it offered no nutrients at all for the hair. Probably even clogged the pores of the scalp. Since I have been natural, I haven’t tried out the straightening comb. But I hope with today’s products, I’ll be able to achieve the great press of my yesteryears or even better.








The flat iron haven’t impressed me at all with natural hair. Maybe the products used with the flat iron is to blame–but flat iron you have been defeated by a throwback!

What do you think:

Straightening comb vs. flat iron?

What products do you use when using a flat iron? What are the results?


Happy 2 B Nappy


The natural days of sista hood is back!!!!!

But is being natural only a trend?

It’s so great to see the fros, braids, dreads, cuts, and twists amongst the world of weaves and wigs.  There are so many natural styles that can be achieved. And there are many natural hair care systems debuting to achieve natural style longevity. Remember when perspiration and precipitation were the nemesis of natural chicks? Well, fear no more because these hair systems are suppose to eliminate frizz and define kinks/curls highlighting and capturing the true beauty of natural hair.

Being natural have its advantages:

  • Chemical free – no more relaxer burns/damage to hair and scalp due to chemicals.
  • Say goodbye to sleepless nights and crooks in the neck trying to preserve a style.
  • Fewer trips to the hair salon.
  • Less time to focus on hair while prepping for work or other outtings.

Being natural is a plus for the little sistas whose scalps are too premature for chemicals. There are so many natural styles that can be achieved in an effort to keep our little sistas chemical free until they’re of age to decide whether they’d like to be chemically enhanced or remain natural.

When my neurologist suggested that I go natural, I was in distress. I couldn’t imagine myself without the “creamy-creamy”. Then one day, when I became a hostage of life’s rush, i didn’t think twice about it. I began growing my hair out. . .no more chemicals. Wish I had of done it sooner. Now, for some reason, my scalp feels better and my hair is stronger. I have been chemical-free for nearly three years. . .yeaaaaayyyy! I am definitely excited about continuing this natural hair journey.

Will I ever go back?

Are you willing to join me on this natural hair journey?

Stay tuned. . .