How Far Would You Go Just To Be Debt-Free ASAP?


I was reading the article about a college grad who wanted to rid himself of his student loan debt ASAP. His story is amazing. Read:

When I signed my promissory note all I could envision was opportunity. But this student viewed his student loan as a life long ball and chain. When most sign and bind themselves to repayment of student loans, they are confident they will land a high salary career that will enable them to repay the debt–NO PROBLEM . . .But that’s easier thought than happens.

As for me, I can’t even imagine myself living out of my car just to pay off a student loan within less years. I’m patient–I can grin and bear it. Thumbs up to the guy who lived out of his van just to do so and much success to him in the future.

Highschool grads/others:

A student loan is a grand committment. It can make/or break you. Think, think, think before you bind yourself to such a contract. If you are in doubt–don’t sign. There are other alternatives out there that can can enable you to pay your way through college without student loans or can lower the amount of loans you’ll need.


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