Straightening Comb vs. Flat Iron








I guess I’m an old skool natural chick. If I had to choose between the straightening comb or the flat iron it would definitely be the straightening comb. My momma and grandma could put a press on the hair so well with a straightening comb until you would have thought I had a relaxer.

I use to love the smell of the straightening comb filling the air on a Sunday morning. Back then, they would use Royal Crown hair grease on my hair. It was definitely a great straightener, but it offered no nutrients at all for the hair. Probably even clogged the pores of the scalp. Since I have been natural, I haven’t tried out the straightening comb. But I hope with today’s products, I’ll be able to achieve the great press of my yesteryears or even better.








The flat iron haven’t impressed me at all with natural hair. Maybe the products used with the flat iron is to blame–but flat iron you have been defeated by a throwback!

What do you think:

Straightening comb vs. flat iron?

What products do you use when using a flat iron? What are the results?



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