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Heartless Cut For Americans

ImageBad news

if you’re low income, unemployed, and in need of family assistance.

The House voted to cut $40 billion in Food Stamps.

Which means

$4 billion a year for 10 years.

Adults 18-50

will have to meet

the requirement

to enroll in a work-training program


find a job

in order to continue receiving

a portion of benefits.

(*Let’s remember the unemployment rate has been on a rise for the last 10 years or more.

And thus far hasn’t made a dramatical improvement.)

So what are the odds to finding a decent job

that will solely support one’s family?

Predictions state

that by 2014,

4 million people will not

receive food stamp benefits.

And to put the cherry on top:

By 2015,

3 million more will also be eliminated from the program.

Whatever happened to

logical solutions?

Like putting America

into STABLE employment

and then try to pass these laws.



The Natural Experience

Guess what?

I’m back!

Been gone for a minute

But wordpress has got me back up in it!


took the time

to show my hair some love.

I have been natural for nearly three years.

And loving it.


A few weeks ago,

I enjoyed experimenting with

Softee Beeswax.

Spent about 30 minutes on a haircare aisle

trying to find a good pressing aid to use

on my hair and last.

Since I have been natural,

my hair gets devastatingly tangled.

I spend nearly two hours


This time

there was a huge difference.

I am a Motions Haircare fan,

so I washed my hair in the usual (Motions Conditioning Shampoo).

I conditioned with Motions CPR.

This conditioner helps to reconstruct hair

from dryness and damage.

I applied Motions Hairdress (its lightweight–smells great)

to my hair.

And lastly,

to press–Softee Beeswax.

It was great!

It detangled my hair and I was amazed.

It’s good for mending frizzy, fly-away ends.

I love it!


I think I’ll receive better results

with the straightening comb

than with the flat iron.