Heartless Cut For Americans

ImageBad news

if you’re low income, unemployed, and in need of family assistance.

The House voted to cut $40 billion in Food Stamps.

Which means

$4 billion a year for 10 years.

Adults 18-50

will have to meet

the requirement

to enroll in a work-training program


find a job

in order to continue receiving

a portion of benefits.

(*Let’s remember the unemployment rate has been on a rise for the last 10 years or more.

And thus far hasn’t made a dramatical improvement.)

So what are the odds to finding a decent job

that will solely support one’s family?

Predictions state

that by 2014,

4 million people will not

receive food stamp benefits.

And to put the cherry on top:

By 2015,

3 million more will also be eliminated from the program.

Whatever happened to

logical solutions?

Like putting America

into STABLE employment

and then try to pass these laws.



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