The Natural Experience

Guess what?

I’m back!

Been gone for a minute

But wordpress has got me back up in it!


took the time

to show my hair some love.

I have been natural for nearly three years.

And loving it.


A few weeks ago,

I enjoyed experimenting with

Softee Beeswax.

Spent about 30 minutes on a haircare aisle

trying to find a good pressing aid to use

on my hair and last.

Since I have been natural,

my hair gets devastatingly tangled.

I spend nearly two hours


This time

there was a huge difference.

I am a Motions Haircare fan,

so I washed my hair in the usual (Motions Conditioning Shampoo).

I conditioned with Motions CPR.

This conditioner helps to reconstruct hair

from dryness and damage.

I applied Motions Hairdress (its lightweight–smells great)

to my hair.

And lastly,

to press–Softee Beeswax.

It was great!

It detangled my hair and I was amazed.

It’s good for mending frizzy, fly-away ends.

I love it!


I think I’ll receive better results

with the straightening comb

than with the flat iron. 


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