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LL Cool J Rock ‘N Roll Hall Of Fame Nominee

“When I’m alone in my room

sometimes I stare at the wall. . .”    


If the younger generation don’t know no other

song of LL’s

they know “I Need Love”.


Surprised to hear

my boy

from back n the day

was nominated for a spot

in the Rock ‘N Roll

Hall of Fame.

Nominee for 2014

Vote him in:


LL Cool J

is rap’s history

and will always be known

as the “Lover” of Rhyme.

Ladies young

and in their “sweet 16” prime

will always remember

how this kangol brutha

could take over a dance floor

and mesmerize you

with the slow seductive

licking of his lips.

Not even to mention

shirt off

ripped torso.

He is a prime example

that rap doesn’t have to be

degrading or violent to sell.


Public Enemy was inducted into

the 2013 ceremony.

And NWA is also

a nominee for 2014.

All of these artists

are well deserving of

a spot there.

They are the pioneers

of rap/hip hop.

Hats off to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Image






Twist Updo


Natural Chicks Rock

Here’s another fabulous style

that a natural chick can rock.

See I told ya,

“Natural chicks aren’t limited”.


This is a great style to rock your weekend.


Goddess Braids

I am a natural chick.

And I want to show people

that natural hair isn’t limited.

Some are quick to say

“Oh no

I can’t live without my relaxer.

You can’t get many styles with natural hair”.


Check out my throwback of the Goddess Braids updo.

Image        Image

These two photos are the closest I could find

of the definition of a goddess braids updo.

And these photos still don’t do the look the justice it deserves.

But when I go into salons

and inquire about goddess braids,

either they don’t know what they are

or just assume they can

give you some big braids braided up into a ball

and that’s not what goddess braids are.

Real Fathers Real Talk

ImageI was reading the articles


about the incident concerning

Adrian Peterson’s son.

The report states that he just had

recently gain knowledge that

the toddler was his son.

When he was confronted

with “possibility”

that the child might be his,

he didn’t kick off the negativities

as dead beats do

He asked what could he do to help.

Thumbs up to Adrian

and sorry for your loss.


The Game Denies Khloe K Romance Rumors After Threatening The Paparazzi On Her Behalf

So where is The Game’s wife? Did that ever happen?

Majic 107.5 / 97.5 Atlanta

The Game Khloe

The Game went on a Kanye West-style paparazzi rant yesterday in defense of Khloé Kardashian. After leaving Tru Nightclub in Hollywood together, the rapper demanded that photographers stop harassing the 29-year-old realty star about her husband’s drug scandal.

“Put your cameras down, or there’s gonna be seven broke cameras! You thought Kanye was a problem? I’m a REAL problem,” Game yelled to the paps. “Y’all don’t respect nobody…If I say put it down, then put it down. Sometimes y’all gotta respect people. S–t.”

Luckily of them, his gangster-style rant worked. After Game screamed, “Dude, turn your camera off,” the photographers listened.

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Khloé and Game, whose real name is Jayceon Terrell Taylor, have been spending a lot of time together…

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Domestic Violence Awareness



Anyone can find themselves

in a bad relationship.

It doesn’t matter

if you are

man or woman,

rich or poor,

high or low self-esteem.

Believe it–it can happen to you.


It’s easier said than done

to end a

domestic violence relationship.


Here are a few tips to detect a possible abuser:

  • Aggressive – angry, irritated, disrespectful, or frustrated most times for no apparent reason.
  • Moody – Frequent switch modes of personality.
  • Possessive – Want to spend their every minute with you. Tries to isolate you from others. Bombards you with numerous of phone calls within a day. You may even receive an unpermitted visit from them.

These are just a few tips and I will return with more.

Until then. . .BE SAFE.


If My Child Was Gay


I was reading an article

on Yahoo News

in which the dad

writes a letter to his anti-gay daughter

(who disowns her son)

giving her a piece of his mind.

Thus far, the letter has received 11,ooo likes.


If my child was gay

of course I wouldn’t disown him.

I wouldn’t try to convince

him to change.

If your child knows

the rights and wrongs

then they have chosen the option

that suits them.

I am not God

I cannot place judgement on anyone.

I wouldn’t consider my child a disgrace.

All I would make known is

his/her chosen act

will not be tolerated in my place.


We have to realize

that our children have minds of their own.

And some things

we shouldn’t try to change about them.

We have our lives to be accountable for

and they have theirs.

If you believe in God

then you wouldn’t practice

no forms of hate.

Discrimination is a form of hate.