Why She Said No


If I conduct a survey

with 100

umarried females,

it is predicted that

80% of them

dream of walking down the aisle one day

and say “I do”.


So why would a female decline

a marriage proposal?

Note: Due to the most common

           answer being “infidelity”,

           I will omit this reason

           and present others.

Over the next few weeks,

I will provide you with answers

to this question.

WEEK #1 “He wasn’t ready

If there’s a detection of a lack of maturity

lack of responsibility,

Discuss it

with your significant other.

See if things will change.

Marriage is a major committment.

It will be one the most important

decisions and investment

you make in life.

When it’s done,

it should be valued.

Not just do it

because you feel

it’s the “life” thing to do.

What I mean about “life” thing:

Meaning just because you see it as tradition.

I was glad

I had a talk with my significant other

and I found out

that he was asking me to marry him

because he felt that’s what people do.


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