LL Cool J Rock ‘N Roll Hall Of Fame Nominee

“When I’m alone in my room

sometimes I stare at the wall. . .”    


If the younger generation don’t know no other

song of LL’s

they know “I Need Love”.


Surprised to hear

my boy

from back n the day

was nominated for a spot

in the Rock ‘N Roll

Hall of Fame.

Nominee for 2014

Vote him in: http://www.rockhall.com/inductees/nominees/ll-cool-j/


LL Cool J

is rap’s history

and will always be known

as the “Lover” of Rhyme.

Ladies young

and in their “sweet 16” prime

will always remember

how this kangol brutha

could take over a dance floor

and mesmerize you

with the slow seductive

licking of his lips.

Not even to mention

shirt off

ripped torso.

He is a prime example

that rap doesn’t have to be

degrading or violent to sell.


Public Enemy was inducted into

the 2013 ceremony.

And NWA is also

a nominee for 2014.

All of these artists

are well deserving of

a spot there.

They are the pioneers

of rap/hip hop.

Hats off to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Image






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