2013 Dallas vs. Saints

ImageAs Bernie Mac would say

“Who Ya With?”

Well. . .

another mixed vibe Sunday I’m experiencing

Let’s do some statistics:

The Cowboys

have only won twice against the Saints

in this millenium

The Saints have beat the Cowboys

by a max of 25 points in 2009

and by a minimum of 3.

Brees has averaged 2672 in yardage


Romo’s 2553

Which isn’t saying much


Not that big of a difference

because both guys are

trailing each other in touchdowns

for the season.


As I always state

The Cowboys are struggling defensively.

They are ranked @ 31 in defense.

Yes they have pulled off enough wins

with this type of defense to lead the NFC east.

But will it be enough to handle Brees and Graham.

We already know who the Saints will target.


I’m pretty sure

the Cowboys will do a few

remarkable things

and I’m feeling they may

even be able

to pull a rabbit out of the hat

But my senses lead me

to the Saints with this one.


Still a #Cowboys fan.



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