Fall Wardrobe


On this Fabulous Friday

Definitely feeling the effects of Fall.

Remember when it was called “Autumn”.

Well that’s the name of this ensemble.

This ensemble is great for

weekend wear (Game time)

See how I captured Autumn within

Fall colors aren’t dull or boring.

I think the orange makes a fabulous statement.

Check me out Shawn Alexus on Polyvore: http://www.polyvore.com/autumn/set?id=103735267

Sweater: (Chiarafashion.co.uk)

Coat: Sofie D’Hoore (Farfetch.com)

Jeans: (Bodycentral)

Purse: Daniel Kudos (Daniel Footwear)

Shoes: Blink Gagacyy

You can even order these items off the sites provided.

Price range: $24-$1715


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