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Alexus Closest Ideas: Holiday 1


Christmas is just around the corner

Pretty sure you have invites to holiday events.

The above ensemble

will give you an idea

of what to shop for

to look stunning.

Top: Jane Norman (Jane Norman)

Pants: Stella McCartney (Stella McCartney)

Coat: Vivienne Westwood (

Shoes: Guess (Guess)

Clutch: Tom Ford (Neiman Marcus)

Ring: Guess (Macys)

Necklace: Tom Ford (Neiman Marcus)

Bracelet: (Mango)






Begin each day

by looking in the mirror

and smile.

Smiles are chicken noodle soup to the soul.

Pass It On.

Alexus Closet Ideas


If you step up in a Christmas Party

You’ll definitely be the eye candy

in this work of art.

The little dress is just gorgeous.

Too bad I don’t know the name, designer,

nor where you can get it from (Sorry).

But I’m just guessing that you may can find it at Modcloth or Lipsy’s.

I call this Red Velvet

cause it just look so scrumptous.

Dress: (Unknown)

Coat: (John Lewis)

Shoes: (Body Central)

Ring: Ivanka Trump (Neiman Marcus)

Necklace: (JCP)

Purse: Guess (GuessbyMarciano)

Bracelet: (Forever 21)

‘Tis The Season

ImageSpeaking of cranberries

This is an ensemble I threw together

And usually,

sweaters aren’t my thing

I love ’em on others.

But I think this sweater

goes remarkable with the biker jacket,

suede heels,

wool trousers,

and Armani tote.

This ensemble is rather pricey ($15-$1045)

Follow me on polyvore for alternatives that may cost less:

  • Jacket: (Alexander McQueen)
  • Sweater: (FarFetch)
  • Pants: (Net-A-Porter)
  • Heels: (Spylovebug)
  • Scarf: (JohnLewis)
  • Tote: Armani (ArmaniExchange)
  • Watch: Armani (HouseofFraser)
  • Earrings: (Amazon)
  • Necklace: (WindsorStore)


Cranberry Holiday Debut





Every one has a day right?

Even everything.

Happened in the grocery store one day

and I immediately had to try

this attractive soda:

Sprite Cranberry



Then a couple days later

I happened upon the

Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash.


Last night I tried

Red Bull Cranberry


What is up with the cranberry?

Now the Sprite the first time didn’t win me over.

But when my allergies had me beat

a swallow of the Sprite perked me back up.

Tasted sort of like cold medicine.

Tried it again this weekend

just to be sure

and I think they placed

the wrong label on a regular Sprite.

Didn’t taste the cran at all.

But anyway,

thumbs up for Cranberry Sprite.



As for the other two–they didn’t win my tastebuds over at all.


Other Cran products that may not be so new that I think I’ll try doing this holiday season are:

Image  Image