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OraQuick In-Home Testing


Knowing is beautiful–RIGHT?

OraQuick is an In-Home HIV testing Kit

that works pretty much like a pregnancy test

except instead of urine

you’re using saliva.

You swab the mouth

and in 20-40 minutes you have a result

within the confidentiality of your own home.



This test is to serve as an intervention

against the spreading of HIV/AIDS.

There about 250,000 Americans walking around

spreading this disease.


people will test themselves

and have a heart not to continue

to engage in sexual activity spreading

the disease.


If you receive a positive reading:

  • Realize life is not over
  • The test can error
  • Always seek medical consultation for further diagnosis/confirmation

If you receive a negative reading:

  • It isn’t guaranteed that you don’t have the virus.
  • Repeat the test in three months

You can purchase this test at popular stores such as:

  • Walmart
  • WalGreen
  • CVS
  • other pharmacies

Yeah I know this is scary

and before we seek to do it

we’d rather not know.

But if we love ourselves and mankind

we would care to know.



Juanita Moore “Imitation of Life” (1959)

ImageJuanita Moore


Juanita Moore passed on January 1, 2014

at the age of 99.

To those of you who’s not familiar with this actress,

check out the movie:

“Imitation of Life” (1959 version).

I always loved this movie.

Juanita Moore played the mother

of a biracial daughter who tried to pass for white.

She even disowned her mother in trying to do so.

Mrs. Moore has appeared in about 30 films

and she says

her role was mostly the hired hand.

Mrs. Moore says it was hard for a black actress in those times.

She said she even cried on the set

while shooting the movie

due to circumstances she was going through.


February is Black History month

check this movie out.