OraQuick In-Home Testing


Knowing is beautiful–RIGHT?

OraQuick is an In-Home HIV testing Kit

that works pretty much like a pregnancy test

except instead of urine

you’re using saliva.

You swab the mouth

and in 20-40 minutes you have a result

within the confidentiality of your own home.



This test is to serve as an intervention

against the spreading of HIV/AIDS.

There about 250,000 Americans walking around

spreading this disease.


people will test themselves

and have a heart not to continue

to engage in sexual activity spreading

the disease.


If you receive a positive reading:

  • Realize life is not over
  • The test can error
  • Always seek medical consultation for further diagnosis/confirmation

If you receive a negative reading:

  • It isn’t guaranteed that you don’t have the virus.
  • Repeat the test in three months

You can purchase this test at popular stores such as:

  • Walmart
  • WalGreen
  • CVS
  • other pharmacies

Yeah I know this is scary

and before we seek to do it

we’d rather not know.

But if we love ourselves and mankind

we would care to know.




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