‘Tis The Season

ImageSpeaking of cranberries

This is an ensemble I threw together

And usually,

sweaters aren’t my thing

I love ’em on others.

But I think this sweater

goes remarkable with the biker jacket,

suede heels,

wool trousers,

and Armani tote.

This ensemble is rather pricey ($15-$1045)

Follow me on polyvore for alternatives that may cost less:http://www.polyvore.com/cranberry/set?id=105111400

  • Jacket: (Alexander McQueen)
  • Sweater: (FarFetch)
  • Pants: (Net-A-Porter)
  • Heels: (Spylovebug)
  • Scarf: (JohnLewis)
  • Tote: Armani (ArmaniExchange)
  • Watch: Armani (HouseofFraser)
  • Earrings: (Amazon)
  • Necklace: (WindsorStore)



Cranberry Holiday Debut





Every one has a day right?

Even everything.

Happened in the grocery store one day

and I immediately had to try

this attractive soda:

Sprite Cranberry



Then a couple days later

I happened upon the

Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash.


Last night I tried

Red Bull Cranberry


What is up with the cranberry?

Now the Sprite the first time didn’t win me over.

But when my allergies had me beat

a swallow of the Sprite perked me back up.

Tasted sort of like cold medicine.

Tried it again this weekend

just to be sure

and I think they placed

the wrong label on a regular Sprite.

Didn’t taste the cran at all.

But anyway,

thumbs up for Cranberry Sprite.



As for the other two–they didn’t win my tastebuds over at all.


Other Cran products that may not be so new that I think I’ll try doing this holiday season are:

Image  Image







BOB Marley

ImageIt has been 32 years since

this Jamaican king has passed.

But Sachs Media has

breathed life into this photo

and this is their version of how

Bob Marley would

look today.


Awesome photo.

To check out more photos of deceased stars by Sachs Media:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/19/rock-and-roll-heaven-photos_n_4305256.html?ncid=txtlnkusaolp00000592

Also check out this video of Bob Marley – (1979) No Woman No Cry:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGqrvn3q1oo


Fall Wardrobe

WednesdayWelcome to a new work week!

This ensemble is nothing but


Nice fall ensemble.

Definitely loving the boots and skirt.

Even though part of this ensemble

is designer,

I’m pretty sure

you can check out other

stores like JCPenney or Sears

to find a similar cardigan and blazer.

The price range of this outfit is: $15-$1,977.

Blazer – Gucci (Tessabit)

Cardigan: Dsquared (farfetch)

Boots: (Newlook)

Purse: Coach (John Lewis)

Skirt: Alice/Olivia (Scoopnyc)

Earrings: Reeds (ebay)

Check me out on Polyvore:http://shawnalexus.polyvore.com/?filter=sets



Have A Blessed Monday

Natural Hair Rules


Now this is a beautiful

natural hair style

that I am aimed to try.

The patterned cornrows

is a standout

but the mohawk straw curls

accentuates the do.


Another various styles

a natural chick can achieve.

Natural Chicks aren’t limited.




Fall Wardrobe


On this Fabulous Friday

Definitely feeling the effects of Fall.

Remember when it was called “Autumn”.

Well that’s the name of this ensemble.

This ensemble is great for

weekend wear (Game time)

See how I captured Autumn within

Fall colors aren’t dull or boring.

I think the orange makes a fabulous statement.

Check me out Shawn Alexus on Polyvore: http://www.polyvore.com/autumn/set?id=103735267

Sweater: (Chiarafashion.co.uk)

Coat: Sofie D’Hoore (Farfetch.com)

Jeans: (Bodycentral)

Purse: Daniel Kudos (Daniel Footwear)

Shoes: Blink Gagacyy

You can even order these items off the sites provided.

Price range: $24-$1715