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Real Fathers Real Talk

ImageI was reading the articles


about the incident concerning

Adrian Peterson’s son.

The report states that he just had

recently gain knowledge that

the toddler was his son.

When he was confronted

with “possibility”

that the child might be his,

he didn’t kick off the negativities

as dead beats do

He asked what could he do to help.

Thumbs up to Adrian

and sorry for your loss.


TO: The TRUE Fathers


To the TRUE fathers out there who contributes to all areas of raising their child—I salute you. Children need both parents to give them love and support in these trying times. When you demonstrate what real men do for their families. . .your daughter will know the definition of a real man. . .your son will know his role as a man.

To the men who have:

  • Got up in the middle of the night to give the baby a bottle or changing
  • Who will safe guard your children with your life
  • Cooked a real meal on a regular basis for the kids
  • Clean house and bathe the kids
  • Read to your children/ take part in their education
  • plus more. . .