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Juanita Moore “Imitation of Life” (1959)

ImageJuanita Moore


Juanita Moore passed on January 1, 2014

at the age of 99.

To those of you who’s not familiar with this actress,

check out the movie:

“Imitation of Life” (1959 version).

I always loved this movie.

Juanita Moore played the mother

of a biracial daughter who tried to pass for white.

She even disowned her mother in trying to do so.

Mrs. Moore has appeared in about 30 films

and she says

her role was mostly the hired hand.

Mrs. Moore says it was hard for a black actress in those times.

She said she even cried on the set

while shooting the movie

due to circumstances she was going through.


February is Black History month

check this movie out.