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If My Child Was Gay


I was reading an article

on Yahoo News

in which the dad

writes a letter to his anti-gay daughter

(who disowns her son)

giving her a piece of his mind.

Thus far, the letter has received 11,ooo likes.


If my child was gay

of course I wouldn’t disown him.

I wouldn’t try to convince

him to change.

If your child knows

the rights and wrongs

then they have chosen the option

that suits them.

I am not God

I cannot place judgement on anyone.

I wouldn’t consider my child a disgrace.

All I would make known is

his/her chosen act

will not be tolerated in my place.


We have to realize

that our children have minds of their own.

And some things

we shouldn’t try to change about them.

We have our lives to be accountable for

and they have theirs.

If you believe in God

then you wouldn’t practice

no forms of hate.

Discrimination is a form of hate.